First of all i want to thank GOD that help and allow me to learn the required skills to be here on the internet and learning the required skills to build my first real official website, First because it will not be the last website for me, i will build more and more in the next years and this website will be modified several times until reach the optimum design to can help my visitors all over the world to achieve there needs.

I wan to thank Mrs Dalal Al-Janaie life Coaching trainer who helped me on the third of April 2019 to discover my soul and stop wasting time and determine really what i need to do and know the real path to achieve success it is a significant day in my life and i started again from this date a new life with a new way of thinking.

Try to do the impossible and all what you are fear to do any thing you shame that people will joke and laugh at you, make a list of all these items and for sure start quickly to do it.

Do all what will make you happy and enjoy life i know my English is not good enough to write an article and i am in learning stage in web development but this don’t prevent me from creating my website and write this article and thanks that you already read my first article on the internet.

Thanks Again and again to Dalal Al-Janaie

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finally self confident is a must to continue in life believe in your self and go on without stop to achieve your dreams.

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